Weekly Round-Up


This is the first installment of our weekly round-up, where I’ll feature some of the most interesting blogs to mobilize using FeedM8 over the past week.

Mad Kane’s Humor Blog

Mom and Miss A’s Homeschool Experience

The Disney Blog

Phones Review

Omoshiroi Tokoro

Products Review Net


3 Responses to “Weekly Round-Up”

  1. Dear friends at Feedm8

    Thank you for your free service. My blog Rising Sun has been made more accessible via the mobile phone especially in my country the Philippines, dubbed the texting capital of the world.

    I hope that you will feature my blog (http://risingsun.dannyarao.com) one of these days. Its mobile phone URL is http://fdm8.com/risingsun

    Thank you again and I wish you all the best.

  2. Some of my blogs with different content types are now available thanks to FeedM8 as mobilefeeds too:

    Various fun: http://www.feedm8.com/web/feed_edit?feedid=1049
    Personal blog: http://www.feedm8.com/web/feed_edit?feedid=1050
    Funny Blogs: http://www.feedm8.com/web/feed_edit?feedid=1051
    Ringtones: http://www.feedm8.com/web/feed_edit?feedid=1052
    Webmaster moneymaking tips: http://www.feedm8.com/web/feed_edit?feedid=1057

  3. 3 Ivan

    Thanks Danny, I’ve included your blog on our weekly roundup!

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