Google Adsense for mobile released


Google quietly rolled out Adsense for mobile sometime yesterday after a few months of private beta. That’s great, unfortunately it doesn’t acknowledge what is really the biggest problem with mobile internet today, the content. Most of the internet, including millions of bloggers, cannot be accessed on mobile. Having advertising before we have content doesn’t really make much sense.

A lot of folks in the blogosphere want to give this a try, but first they need to setup a mobile version of their blog. What they probably don’t realize also is that there are numerous mobile standards to support. Suppose you go out of your way to make your blog support WML, XHTML-MP, cHTML, HDML, etc…. how do you know it’s working?

FeedM8 users already know how easy it is to make their blog mobile. With one click, your mobile site is up with mobile ads ready to go. It solves both the content and monetization problem, in a single step.


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