Let’s welcome our readers from Vancouver and Montreal! We’re introducing these two awesome city blogs with some of the best writers on the planet (well, in these cities anyway) If it is anything local and worthy of discussion, you’ll find it here.


Midnight Poutine
Beyond Robson


Weekly Round-Up


Our weekly round-up of some of the interesting blogs recently mobilized using FeedM8.

Rising Run – Personal Blog of Danny Arao

downthetubes.net – British comics and science fiction tv/film news

Toronto Screen Shots – film in Toronto

Naro’s Town

Traffic Kills – Urban Revolution

Soccer Source

Wrist Dreams

What Japan Thinks

WAP Review has a review of various sites you can read on mobile. It compares Gizmodo’s own mobile site with FeedM8’s version. FeedM8 comes out on top because of the much faster and smaller downloads. It’s a great money saver if you don’t have an unlimited data plan. FeedM8 is also easier to use with less scrolling and more shortcuts. So if you’re not using FeedM8 to mobilize your blog, you can do it now.

Link to Gizmodo mobile

Stay up to date on the latest in fashion, art, design lifestyle with Chic Today.

Chic Today is for trendsetters, both women and men. Anything trendy, beautiful, provocative, you’ll find them all here on your mobile phone.

Get the Chic Today blog now.

Since we launched in August, we’ve added French, traditional Chinese and simplified Chinese. I’m happy to say that Russian bloggers can now take advantage of our new Russian interface. Just log in and in your feed settings change the “Show labels” option from English to Russian.

Thanks to Nathan for providing the translations!

diggm8 lets you get the latest Digg stories on your mobile phone. Go to m.diggm8.com on your phone’s browser. Here why we think diggm8 is so great:

  • No software to install, use your phone’s existing browser
  • Works on virtually any mobile phone on any network
  • You can read the full story, not just the title & summary
  • Download pics and send videos by email

This is released in alpha state, so there are some kinks still to be worked out. If you have suggestions don’t forget to send them to us!

You can also help us get the word out, digg this.

Google quietly rolled out Adsense for mobile sometime yesterday after a few months of private beta. That’s great, unfortunately it doesn’t acknowledge what is really the biggest problem with mobile internet today, the content. Most of the internet, including millions of bloggers, cannot be accessed on mobile. Having advertising before we have content doesn’t really make much sense.

A lot of folks in the blogosphere want to give this a try, but first they need to setup a mobile version of their blog. What they probably don’t realize also is that there are numerous mobile standards to support. Suppose you go out of your way to make your blog support WML, XHTML-MP, cHTML, HDML, etc…. how do you know it’s working?

FeedM8 users already know how easy it is to make their blog mobile. With one click, your mobile site is up with mobile ads ready to go. It solves both the content and monetization problem, in a single step.